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To provide comprehensive business solution for our clients

We are since 2008 finding the right person for every job, by ensuring the right job for every person. We work with a core team of experts in various fields who have had years of experience as well as impeccable references. We, as a consultancy agency, are providing an outline of our technical and personnel resources in order to assure competence in handling large volumes of work.

Our objectives: To show our preparedness for any contingency including technical glitches and troubleshooting exercises. We also hope to capitalize on our previous experience in consultancy matters. Reference letters are enclosed with the business consulting proposal. Hence, it becomes very important for organizations to recruit and retain competent, efficient, and effective teams.FS(Future steps)-placement consultants from Chennai are dedicated to this cause with its Placement, Staffing, and HR services. Our operations are spread all over domestic and overseas.

It is our endeavor to translate our goals,competence and goodwill to cater to the stringent demands of human resources for a select group of companies. We pride ourselves in building long-term client relationships and providing quality search services with an emphasis on uncompromising thoroughness, integrity, confidentiality, and delivery. We take the time to listen, understand and match specific position prerequisites and company culture compatibilities.

We are aware that there are many players in this field and we don’t intend to be one of them. Future Steps has a vision and a mission to provide top-quality, cost-effective, and client-oriented HR solutions. Our dedicated team of highly experienced and competent professionals has developed Dynamic Comprehensive Methodology to secure long interests of the organization as well as the career growth of the individuals.


  • We are a value-based organization.
  • We would neither place nor recommend candidates, whom we are not convinced about.
  • We conduct reference checks before the offer is made.
  • We guarantee confidentiality for the client and the candidate.
  • We hope to hear from you soon regarding our proposal. We can.

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