Non Destructing Testing Services

Control of the seals of the hatches, watertight doors and ramps by ultrasonic tester (SDT 270 SHERLOG MASTER)

Remote inspections by drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera and video camera for close up to the higher parts of the holds, tanks and areas not easily accessible.

Mechanical Inspections and internal collectors by borescope.(FLYR VS70)

Dimensional check, roundness and corrosion of two-stroke engines cylinder liner without disassembly of interference. (CHRIS MARINE LDM)

Control of the magnetic fields. (FLUKE 435 II – FLUKE BT 521)

Analysis of Exaust Gas


  • Pre-purchase survey
  • Class records inspection
  • Vessel Inspection Survey
  • Pre-vetting inspection
  • Ship structure assessment
  • Plan approval
  • Repairs and conversions
  • Dry Dock Appointment
  • PMS and IT services


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ANT through its network provides Agency services for all types of vessels and any type of service requirements in the following ports :


We can get owners the services at the best rates. We do have specialized Towing contracts in many parts of the world and owners benefit from the rates .


ANT through their liaison offices provide the highest calibre of crew and officers from India, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Philippines to some of the most evaluated vessel owners in the world. The selection criterion meets the highest industrial standards,in accordance with the international laws and regulations. Client specific requirement are also fully met.

ANT supply also selected crew for off shore and special operations, including last voyage for beaching.

ANT also provide riding team to carry out sailing maintenance, repairs and Tank cleaning. Tank cleaning supervisors remains our forte.


Complete management (Commercial and Technical) of the following types: TANKERS, BULK, GENERAL CARGO & YACHTS.

  • VLCC


Spare Parts Trading

AD HOC SPARE PART FINDER BVS has activated a network of specialists able to procure any kind of parts required.
All second-hand parts are checked, dimensions verified, certified by class (if required), packed, and forwarded worldwide.